EMAAS Mission 

EMAAS is a worldwide Academy, ensuring a high-quality research experience by ballot selected academicians that transform sciences for global and individual excellence. 

Vision for EMAAS 

EMAAS vision is to be a premier international intercontinental Academy setting a distinct standard for global knowledge. 

EMAAS History 

The Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences (EMAAS) is an International Academy established by twenty two internationally known scientists and artists. 

It is founded in the historical city of Sparta, in Greece, where its headquarters are, but has also a branch office in Lausanne Switzerland. The creation of branch offices in other cities is within its future plans. Emboldened by the success of our years of actuality, EMAAS looks to the future:

  • Global innovation through inclusive research/exploration/inquiries
  • A Global scientists experience
  • A network of academic and operational excellence 
  • Strategic and sustainable development. 

Main goals and tasks of the Academy are: 

  • Advancement of academic and intellectual activities;
  • Elaboration of concepts, programs and projects for sustainable development of Mediterranean Countries;
  • Establishment of relations with international research, technological and development centres of excellence (state and public) for increasing the Euro Mediterranean Area scientific potential activity; 
  • Elaboration of programs and projects in various science and technology fields; 
  • Study and dissemination of new information Academy technologies;  
  • Study and promotion of renewable energy technologies at Euro Mediterranean Area (EMA);
  • Study of ecological, seismic and other vital problems and elaboration of relevant programs and projects; 
  • Realization of scientific-technological innovation activity. 

Recognizing the growing interconnectedness of our world, EMAAS has been building an action-oriented global network of scientists, scholars and artists who forge powerful bonds with each other and with their communities around the globe.  

At EMAAS, we embrace all human differences while building upon our commonalities as people. Diversity and inclusion initiatives should serve to eliminate discrimination and exclusion based upon the following: race, belief, national origin, religion, color, age and socioeconomic status.