The Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences (EMAAS) is an International Academy founded by twenty-two internationally known scientists and artists. 

It is founded in the historical city of Sparta, in Greece, where its headquarters are, but has also a branch office in Lausanne Switzerland. The creation of branch offices in other cities is within its future plans.

Main goals and tasks of the Academy are:

  1. Advancement of academic and intellectual activities;
  2. Elaboration of concepts, programs and projects for sustainable development of Mediterranean Countries;
  3. Establishment of relations with international research, technological and development centres of excellence (state and public) for increasing the Euro Mediterranean Area scientific potential’s activity;
  4. Elaboration of programs and projects in various science and technology fields;
  5. Study and dissemination of new information Academy technologies;
  6. Study and promotion of renewable energy technologies at Euro Mediterranean Area (EMA);
  7. Study of ecological, seismic and other vital problems and elaboration of relevant programs and projects;
  8. Realization of scientific-technological innovation activity;
  9. Promotion of scientific integration processes and strengthening of European Research Area (ERA);
  10. Assistance to preparation of highly skilled specialists and in this regard organization of their training;
  11. Promotion of Cultural Heritage and Antique Treasure;
  12. Establishment, in compliance with the Law, of novel technologies of Culture and Media;
  13. Science and Art education activities;
  14. Advancement of intercultural dialogue.