Oct 012010

International Scientific Conference, e RA Р5 РThe SynEnergy Forum,Piraeus, Greece, 15 Р18 September 2010 РThe Conference for International Synergy in Energy, Environment, Tourism and contribution of Information Technology in Science, Economy, Society and Educatio

Hosted by: T.E.I. of Piraeus (T.E.I.PIR)

Co-organized by:
University of Athens (UoA)
European Assosiation of Telematics Applications(EATA)
Georgian Technical University (GTU)
Georgian Academy of Natural Sciences (GANS)
University of Indianapolis-Athens Campus(UIndy)
Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS)
Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania (PUT)
Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS)
University of the West of Scotland (UWS)
Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences (EMAAS)
International Foundation for Sustainable Development (IFSD)
Hellenic Educational Society
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

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